The Purdy House of Paint

The :30 trailer for the Purdy House of Paint. Ran as preroll and OLV and drove everyone to the site for the full experience. (Also happens to be my debut as a voice over actor.)

This is where users were brought to gain Ted’s painting wisdom and learn more about the storied history of Purdy paint brushes.

“Bristles” splinter video.

Get up-close and personal with every individual Purdy bristle.

“Alderwood” :15 SOCIAL.

We shot 57 shots in one 12-hour day—a record for everyone on set. So in addition to the long-form video and splinter videos, we got a bunch of great extras we repurposed as social video. This one talks about the hallowed Alderwood tree that breathes life into all Purdy brush handles.


We created a character (Ted) and a place (Purdy House of Paint) to tout the world’s most badass paint brush. It manifested itself in a long-form annotated interactive video extolling the virtues of this finest of paint weapons. The annotations took you to deep dive splinter videos with more info and more jokes.

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Deutsch: Agency

Kerry Keenan: Chief Creative Officer

Matt McKay: Executive Creative Director

Luke Hughett: Associate Creative Director

Sean Lee: Associate Creative Director

Kevin Meagher: Copywriter

Andrea Curtin: Producer

Nick & Charles: Directors

Craig Deardorff: Editor


Associate Creative Director




May 2015


Digital Interactive Video