Here’s every participant’s Brainshower portrait.


Deutsch, Inc: Agency

Luke Hughett: Associate Creative Director

Sean Lee: Associate Creative Director

JC Pagan: Design Director

Katie Bourgeois: Designer

Simon Abrams: Photographer

Matt Severin: Motion Designer

John McLaughlin: Motion Designer

Deutsch asked Sean and me to name, brand and publicize an agency-wide SXSW-style festival of ideas—a weekly speaker series featuring people outside of advertising giving us mind explosions that could affect our work in ways we’d never even considered. People like Ben Huh from Cheezburger Network (I Can Haz Cheezburger), Brad Hargreaves from General Assembly, and a university professor pontificating on the Kanye brand.

We came up with the name Braindrops and picked our most rubber-faced Deutsch colleagues to be photographed having their minds blown by incoming intelligence missiles.

Then we worked with the motion design team to develop an Instagrammable photo booth we dubbed it The Brainshower set up at the inaugural event. Attendance was huge.


Associate Creative Director


Deutsch, Inc


July 2014


Poster, Social Media