Protein Fight Club TV

“Motorcycles” :15

“Cereal Lips” :15

“Schmear” :15


Deutsch, Inc: Agency

Greg DiNoto: Chief Creative Officer

Bernie Hogya: Group Creative Director

Jeremy Bernstein: Group Creative Director

Karyn Pascoe: Group Creative Director

Luke Hughett: Associate Creative Director

Sean Lee: Associate Creative Director

Lauren Ziffer: Producer

Eric Wareheim: Director

Kyle Brown: Editor

Steve Rosen: Sound Design

In our culture of protein-hounding, MilkPEP wanted to remind America that Milk has protein, too. Always has. We gave them Protein Fight Club: a world where milk goes up against other breakfast foods—some with more protein, some with less—to show that milk has a drinkable, pourable protein of its own.

We were mildly enthused to be able to partner with director Eric Wareheim on these. And at last count, the campaign has more than 3 million views on YouTube.