SAP: “Run Like Never Before”

:60 “Run Like Never Before”

:30 “RUN” (Escalator)

:30 “RUN” (Boat)

RUN like never before.

COPY: If you could do anything with your business, what would you do with it? Where would you run with it? Whatever your vision is, SAP can help you make it real. Accelerate change. Seize opportunity wherever and whenever you find it. Unlock insights instantly. From fine-tuning your business to transforming it entirely, SAP can help you run in entirely new ways.

Run like never before at

RUN the numbers from the taxi.

COPY: Whether you’re in the middle of a meeting or in the middle of Mumbai, now your operations are literally at your fingertips. With SAP mobile solutions, you can check pipeline, launch a promotion, redeploy resources— remotely and securely. This isn’t just checking email. This is doing whatever you need to get done, wherever you are.

Run like never before at

RUN on a first-name basis with millions.

COPY: Imagine if you could make each and every customer feel special — no matter how many you have. SAP analytics solutions can help turn mountains of structured and unstructured data into powerful predictive intelligence, helping you excite and delight your customers in ways they never would have expected. So whether they’re in store, online or on an app, they’ll always feel the love.

Run like never before at

RUN anytime and anywhere.

COPY: Opportunity can appear out of nowhere. With SAP mobile solutions, your people can take advantage of serendipity — remotely, easily and securely. Use analytics to validate a hunch, brainstorm new ideas across time zones, launch a project from the jogging trail. Now, no matter where your people run, your business runs, too.

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Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Chris Curry: Group Creative Director

Mark Girand: Creative Director

Luke Hughett: Senior Art Director

Sean Lee: Senior Copywriter

Director: Daniel Barber

Photographer: Stephen Wilkes

Building on the success of the previous SAP campaign (“Run Better”) and focusing less on SAP’s customers and more on new software and capabilities that can help their customers run their businesses in ways they never thought possible, we launched “Run like never before”.


Senior Art Director




March 2012


TV & Print